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Juice Box!

Juice Box!

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JUICEBOX: GoPro Battery+Mount... Power GoPro up to 8.5 hours & only 8.5oz light. Tired of your GoPro, Tactacam, DJI or other action camera dying on your GoPro Chesty, The BOOM! or other mount... this is what you have been waiting for. Works with EVERY ACTION CAMERA EVER MADE! That's right, all-day-power and you simply mount your GoPro or other Action Camera right on top with the included Quick Release and PLUG-IT-IN! 

JUICEBOX is always on, so no need to worry about an on/off button. There is only one button and it's a press-to-test to see how much power the JUICEBOX has remaining. The second you plug in a GoPro, Tactacam, DJI, cell phone or any electronics the Blue LED Power Lights come on to show it is charging your camera.


• JUICEBOX: GoPro Battery+Mount [Only weighs 8.5oz]
(7800mah lithum-ion=6hrs record time + Camera. (7 hours to fully charge.)

• Silicone Rainproof Putty to keep everything dry
• QuadCord-12" (4-in-1 USB power cord: USB-C, Micro, Mini & Apple Lightning)
 2-Long Anodized Black Aluminum GoPro Screws
 2-Quick Release Mounts & 1-tripod mount 
• Extra USB Micro Charging Cord

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