YOLOtek Canadas's ūüćĀ return policy is simple. If you make a purchase from YOLOtek.ca and want to return the product(s) for any reason (still in packaging and in new condition), then send the package back and we will refund the entire order for less than the cost of the shipping.

Return Process

  1. Send a return request email on our contact page for an RMA number 
  2. Write RMA number on the packing slip or piece of paper and put it in the box.
  3. Send the box back to our warehouse with enough insurance to cover you in case the package gets lost or damaged. 
  4. Once we get the package back and confirm all product(s) are in the original packaging and look brand new, then we will refund all product(s) returned for less than shipping costs it took to get the package to you. 

About the PowerStick

Contains high tech electronics and other features:

  • Over-voltage protection
  • Shortage protection
  • Over heat protection
  • Surge protection
  • Over charge protection¬†
  • USB 2.1 fast charging on top and 1.0 on bottom with USB covers for rain protection! No more drained GoPro batteries! Which means being able to use the *Looping feature built into most GoPros, VIRB, and other action cameras.
  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum and beautifully anodized¬†in YOLOtek¬ģ green
  • Dual channels for strength
  • Instant locking tabs to quickly adjust the height for each section!
  • Adjustable hand grip - move it to where you want and it stays!
  • Multiple Locking Collars - **Securely mounted speeds of up to¬†70MPH¬†with Guide Screw Locking Ports or Threaded Ports/Collars. Fully compress sections for high speed.[NOTE: Pressure/Cam (No-Thread) ports are rated trolling only, do NOT motor.]¬†
  • 3-Hole Base Plug¬†so it is compatible¬†with all¬†2-pin and ***3-pin navlight ports on the back or front of your boat
  • Spring Connectors within base plug ensure constant contact for power
  • Ball & joint mount flexibility make for an abundance of point of views! (POVs)
  • Polarity Correction! Since LED & USB require polarity, PowerStick-53" has a chip in it that corrects the polarity if plugged in backwards or if you buy a used boat and someone reversed the navlight wiring.

Camera Tips

  • Aim at your chest¬†- Whether you place the camera in your rear or front navlight port, aiming the camera at your chest is the best placement while you speak to the camera.¬†
  • Casting¬†-¬†Aim the camera about 2 feet in front of your chest, towards where you are casting. Use your trolling motor to position the boat to keep your cast within the approximate 135 degrees the camera will capture.
  • Running Shot¬†- Aim at the front of the boat. Most will try to point the GoPro straight ahead, but that will crop out a lot of the console. You want the viewer to be able to see some of the boat behind your seat to get the full perspective and feel like they are in the boat with you. Also, try turning the camera around and getting the rooster tail and what you see behind your boat.
  • Be Different¬†- Try lots of different POVs to keep your viewer engaged. Try lowering the stick down for a great up angle or aimed directly at your cast point and everything in-between.¬†

How much will PowerStick draw on my cranking battery?

VERY LITTLE DRAW! We understand how VITAL it is for you to maintain high charge battery level. YOLOtek¬ģ products were designed to sip on your battery! Because we are taking¬†12v to 5v¬†for USB and only hitting a portion of that. Our products are barely touching your battery.¬†


  • GoPro Hero 7 Black mounted on PowerStick-53", plugged into top USB port¬†1.2¬†amp, recording at¬†1080p30¬†for 10 hours will take your battery from¬†12.8 to 12.6.
  • PowerLight, plugged into top USB port¬†1.2¬†amp, running on high will take your battery from¬†12.8 to 12.5. In 40% of our naked battery tests, (battery that has nothing attached) will draw down from¬†12.8 to 12.6¬†in 10 hours. So, NO your battery will not be an issue with our products!

PowerStick-53" comes with 3-locking collars rated for different speeds. Also, there are some navlight ports that do not use a locking collar.

Locking Collars

  • Attwood Slide-Lock (metal cover) or Easy-Lock (little blue button) rated for up to 90MPH with stick fully compressed.
  • Attwood LightArmor (look at your port, as it will say LightArmor on it.) Rated for up to 70MPH with stick fully compressed.
  • Perko Large Threaded. Rated for up to 70MPH with stick fully compressed.
  • NON-THREAD or Pressure or CAM Rated for trolling only, not rated for motoring. We recommend this type of port be replaced for motoring with Attwood Slide Lock or threaded port.¬†


To keep PowerStick running for many years, here are a few important tips:


Inspect navlight port to ensure:

  • Port is fully tightened down.
  • Correct size screws (screw head fills holes)
  • Make 100% sure there is NO corrosion on the pins in the navigation light port. (The port you plug in your white anchor/running light or your red/green bow light port.) Then apply dielectric grease on the pins to keep them sealed from moisture and air.¬†


  • Do NOT allow PowerStick to be partially or fully submerged. It is ok to be in the rain while in use, if you use Silicone Rainproof Putty. If you do not have Silicone Rainproof Putty, do not use PowerStick in the rain.
  • It is VITAL to keep moisture and air away from the electronics and connectors. Apply dielectric grease to the 2-USB Connectors on the PowerStick and the two sockets at the bottom. These two sockets contain the PowerSprings, which is where power is pulled from the cranking battery. Look at the PowerSprings and ensure they are corrosion free, in good condition and the springs fill 75% of the socket. (Once dielectric grease is applied to the USB connectors, close the USB covers. If the PowerSprings do not fill 75% of the socket, they may need adjustment.)
  • Keep USB covers closed when not in use. This will help prevent air moisture from getting in.
  • Do NOT store the PowerStick on the boat. Store inside your home where humidity and temperatures are controlled. It is best to store your GoPro, SD card, PowerStick and other electronics inside.

As all our saltwater friends know, SALTWATER WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING over time. It is VITAL you follow these steps:

  • Make sure ALL steps #1 and #2 above are followed closely.
  • You must be using Silicone Rainproof Putty on EVERY saltwater trip. This will keep air, moisture and salt out of the ports.
  • Once you come in from fishing or other saltwater adventures, make sure your Silicone Rainproof Putty is intact and ready for fresh water spray.
  • Spray fresh water as a fine mist from your camera all the way down the PowerStick. Do NOT spray upwards, keep a downward spray and movement. Do this at least twice, but good to do this 3 or 4 times.
  • Remove PowerStick and hold the stick straight up and down. Spray up into the bottom with fresh water for a few seconds.
  • Stand PowerStick upright for 15 minutes to dry.
  • Apply a new coat of dielectric grease to both USB ports & the PowerSprings. (The little springs in the two sockets at the bottom of the PowerStick.)
  • Store PowerStick in your home where the humidity and temperature are controlled. Do NOT store PowerStick on your boat.